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The "Qube" Infrastructure System includes efficient, compact, and flexible C-RAN, Small Cell, and ODAS multi-radio deployment options. Our Qube Solutions include options for 4G & 5G carriers as well as Smart City planning and implementation.

New RAN architectures like Densification, C-RAN, Small Cell and 5G are bringing the cellular network closer to the end user. With the use of these low powered radio access nodes, the need for aesthetic yet functional housing is paramount.

 Our product line was designed to meet the real world demands of expansion and growth across both additional technologies and carriers in one convenient platform.

Patent Number: 10476138

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Qube-MRS is:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Expandable
  • Upgradeable
  • Pre-Configurable
  • Durable

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Qube-MRS creates products with municipalities in mind. Our Mother Top Modular Antenna Solutions is the answer to bringing 5G to any location.

The interchangeable shrouding, uniform bracket attachment, 4G omni or panel housing capabilities, and 120 to 180 degree separation built into both 4G and 5G segments makes the Mother Top a future proof modular antenna system for the smart city era.

Our system can house 4G and up to three 5G radios on a singular small cell node. This ability to co-locate multiple carriers on a singular pole allows municipalities and authorities the flexibility to minimize infrastructure within their cities. Instead of having constant construction along the same sidewalk to crate space for multiple carrier poles, Qube alleviates the headache by providing a system that only has to be installed once.

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