Qube-MRS, LLC is proud to introduce the Qube line of products. Our fully modular and adaptable system allows implementation of 4G, 5G, and IoT technologies in Small Cell, C-RAN, and ODAS applications nation wide.

Fully customizable for each individual jurisdiction, this unique system can be utilized on existing infrastructure or in conjunction with specifically designed Qube poles.

Qube-MRS strives to provide our clients with a product solution that meets demands from pre-planning through final implementation.  With the combination of over 100+ years of construction experience in it’s C-Level staff, in house design and fabrication capabilities, intense testing and analysis of all aspects of our product line, and a top-down commitment to quality and customer service, QUBE is ready, willing, and able to provide smart poles, radio shrouds, antenna and ancillary mounts, meter enclosures, and IOT devices any where in the nation.

By utilizing our decades of telecom installation experience and manufacturing our products in the United States, each and every Qube representative is ready to be your one-stop-shop for smart city material procurement. Our full turnkey solutions with future minded designs are decreasing build times, increasing revenue, and creating lifelong partners in telecommunication.

Give your Qube-MRS sales representative a call with any questions, or request a demonstration of the products.


New RAN architectures like Densification, C-RAN, Small Cell, and 5G are bringing the cellular network closer to the end user. With the use of low powered radio access nodes, the need for aesthetic yet functional housing are paramount.

The Qube product line was designed to meet the real world demands of expansion and growth across both additional technologies and carriers in one convenient platform.

The backbone of the “Qube” is its ability to house any variety of Small Cell or remote radio units and related equipment from all the main manufacturers while retaining a standard size. Aesthetics gained with no functionality lost.

Qube Solution products can be mounted on poles (metal, wood or fiber/pre-composite), ground applications or break-a-way posts.

Qube-MRS is:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Expandable
  • Upgradeable
  • Pre-Configurable
  • Durable

When purchasing our poles, it's not just a pole that you receive, but also peace of mind.

Each pole will be fabricated to order with weldments and portholes placed per your specifications.

Pole structural analysis can be performed for a jurisdiction or for individual latitude and longitude placement.

All required port hole covers are included with pole pricing as are anchor bolts and anchor bolt templates for pad mounted poles.

Let QUBE show you how we stand apart from the pack!

Our Reach

Qube-MRS is a nationally recognized company with products spanning coast to coast in the United States.

Based out of Gainesville, GA, our patented products are 100% manufactured in the United States of America.

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QUBE 1001-21 open

Pole Mount Radio Shroud

21.3 Cubic Feet
60" x 28.64" x 21.71"
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Pole Mount Power Enclosure

Meter can and disconnect
Part No: 1010

QUBE 2016 mounting bracket

Universal Multiplexer Bracket

Part No: 2016

QUBE 4024 weeping willow

Weeping Willow

Wood or metal pole bracket
3 5G panels, 3 E///22XX,
and 1" x 14
Part No: 4024

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